Brand Consistency

Whether you have ten, fifty, or five hundred locations, delivering exceptional and consistent customer experience is essential to building strong relationships. Consumers want to feel part of your brand, your community, your location. To ensure you're always on brand, marketers have turned to relationship marketing technology built for distributed teams, locations and brands that can be managed in one central dashboard.

Stay on brand with distributed marketing

Consumers prefer brands they can trust. A staggering 59% of consumers are prepared to pay more to purchase from their preferred brands. Delivering the same experience every time a customer engages with your brand is a big way to gain and maintain trust — and turn your customers, members, and guests into superfans.


of consumers favor brands whose messaging delivers a consistent user experience, irrespective of the channel.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers say that their favorite brand makes them feel special, like a VIP.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers say that their favorite brand influences their life beyond the products and services that the brand provides.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index

Central branding with local personality 

You're under pressure to ensure your branding is always on-point. Regional locations need to be able to create and send email campaigns without heaving lifting from corporate teams. You need the ability to control, review, and approve campaigns before they're sent. Enter distributed marketing.

Create campaign templates you can lock down

Customize with your email templates with branded colors, fonts, imagery and structure using our drag-and-drop campaign designer or create your own using a HTML uploading tool. Approved templates and content blocks can be locked down and distributed among teams, locations and brands. Regional marketers have the power to create and send email campaigns that look good, engage customers, and maintain the local personality your customers have grown to love.

Manage permissions for any role or location

Built for team collaboration, Marigold’s tiered account structure and user permission settings ensures no campaign goes out the door without the proper approvals. You can set up separate accounts for every location — each with its own set of user permissions — and easily manage and monitor them from one central dashboard. Interfaces can be adapted to fit the needs of your team depending on their level of experience. 

Get visibility into ROI

Make more informed marketing decisions with data that’s easy to interpret and act on. Corporate and local marketing teams can access high-level dashboards to identify changes in trends and patterns at a glance and leverage drill down reports to understand campaign performance and revenue impact for locations, regions and portfolio companies. 

Our relationship marketing solutions help you cultivate the relationships that grow your business.