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Whether your audience is in the millions or the thousands, Marigold helps you grow the relationships that grow your business. Our products help you collect zero-party data, personalize experiences, and generate loyalty to increase subscribers, boost content engagement, and drive conversions.

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"We sell ads based on how many subscribers open the email. A 4-5% increase in open rates has led to a 4-5% increase in revenues and profits."

Tim Huelskamp

Co-founder, 1440 Media

Marigold Solutions for Media & Publishing

Create, Publish and Engage with your Subscribers

Marigold helps rapidly growing media and publishing companies quickly create and send branded emails that look amazing on any device.


Grow Your Audience Engage consumers through interactive experience options such as surveys, polls, giveaways, and games. Build trust while gleaning the psychographic data needed to personalize and turn relationships into revenue.

Email Made Easy Spend less time building emails and more time getting results. Our easy-to-use drag & drop editor lets you create beautiful, branded campaigns and deploy without a single line of code.

Get Up Close and Personal If it’s not relevant, it won't resonate. Our powerful segmentation and personalization helps you connect with subscribers in the moments that matter with real-time orchestration across email, SMS, social, mobile, wallet, loyalty, and beyond.

Drive Subscriptions, Monetize Your Base, and Retain Your Network Build lasting relationships with your subscribers by holding their attention through custom journeys that keep them coming back for more of their favorite content. Monitizie emails by offering partners and advertisers opportunities to connect with your subscriber base.

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