October 18, 2022

CM Group Announces Signals 2022 Conference Examining the Latest Trends In Relationship Marketing, Loyalty, Engagement and Future-Proofed Marketing Strategies

CM Group Announces Signals 2022 Conference Examining the Latest Trends In Relationship Marketing, Loyalty, Engagement and Future-Proofed Marketing Strategies

The Industry Leader in Relationship Marketing Brings Together Global Marketers like PepsiCo, TGIFridays and Many Others to Showcase the Future of Marketing Over Four Days of Exclusive On-Demand Programming

CM Group, the leading provider of world-class technology solutions that allow marketers to build stronger and deeper relationships at every stage of the customer lifecycle and serving more than 40,000 customers worldwide, announced that its annual Signals conference is returning this month. The 2022 virtual video event will take place the week of October 24th featuring insights directly from the CMOs, CEOs and global analysts who are shaping the future of marketing, including those from such industry-leading brands as PepsiCo, TGIFridays, Chipotle, The Atlantic, Brilliant Earth and many others.

With over 30 sessions spanning keynotes, panels and case studies across retail, CPG, media and publishing, restaurants, sports and more, CM Group will explore the winning relationship marketing strategies from the small business marketers to global enterprise brands using zero-party data to better engage, acquire, personalize and build loyalty with consumers now and in the future. To tackle these topics, Signals 2022 will offer a blend of thought leadership ideas, expert analysis and participant roundtable discussions directly from the pioneers on the front lines executing innovative relationship marketing campaigns every day. Throughout the event, attendees will immerse themselves past the scratch-the-surface narratives and into the granular topics, lessons learned and analysis where the real value lies.

“Signals 2022 will not only be the most educational relationship marketing conference marketers will attend all year, it will be entertaining as well,” said Tim Glomb, VP of Content at CM Group. “Forget the dry PowerPoint presentations and talking heads droning on with the same stock platitudes you get with other conferences. Signals 2022 is an event for marketers by marketers with engaging content from some of the biggest global brands and thought leaders. You can’t talk about engagement without being engaging.”

As brands worldwide are faced with the need to do more with less, relationship marketing holds the key to building better and more effective connections with consumers. This year’s theme will focus on the four stages of relationship marketing, featuring first-hand experiences from global marketers. Signals 2022 will dedicate a day to each of the four stages with curated sessions designed to educate and inspire:

  • Monday Oct. 24: Acquisition — Learn how to turn unknown consumers into known customers by collecting zero- and first-party data at scale to build up databases and understand customers as individuals. Hear from PepsiCo, SmartBox and custom analysis from Forrester Research and Constellation Research.
  • Tuesday Oct. 25: Engagement — Discover how to understand and engage an audience, across all channels, by determining which data matters and how to analyze it for effective activation. The day will feature insights and success stories from CPD Institute, Email connect, The GIST, Brilliant Earth, MS Schippers, USC Santa Barbara and The UK Football Association.
  • Wednesday Oct. 26: Personalization — Find out how to use zero-party data and other signals to deliver a truly dynamic, just-in-time customer journey that’s personalized to each using the right channel, with the right message, at the right time. Hear from The Atlantic, Kamera Express, Nashville Predators, The White Company and The Daily Upside.
  • Thursday Oct. 27: Retention — Explore new ways to retain customers and create lasting relationships through emotional loyalty proven from best practices employed by some of the top thought leaders in the business. Hear from Loyalty360, TGIFridays, Magnolia Bakery, Quality Wellness Resorts, Flavier and Caskers.

“Marketers big and small are all realizing that they can’t rely on first- and third-party data alone to develop relationships with their customers,” said Chris Muscutt, Head of MarTech at PepsiCo. “A key focus for us is to look for opportunities that go beyond traditional data gathering to better understand our customers and how we can surprise and delight those customers now and in the future. Our work with CM Group has helped us to utilize zero-party data to build relationships, plan and deliver a true value exchange with all of our customers, across our brands.”

“Relationship marketing means putting the customer at the center of your business leadership, strategy and operations,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder of Constellation Research, Inc. “This event puts a spotlight on how leading brands are putting relationship marketing to work.”

Signals 2022 is free to attend, with multiple sessions streaming each day. To learn more about the event and sign up for specific sessions, visit signals.cmgroup.com.

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