June 18, 2024

Marigold™ Customers Great Clips and Great Wolf Resorts Take Home Loyalty360 Award Honors

Great Clips Tied for the Platinum Award in Creative Campaign and Communications, While Great Wolf Resorts Received Honorable Mention for Customer Loyalty Strategy

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 20, 2024 – Marigold, the global leader in relationship marketing, today congratulated customers, Great Clips and Great Wolf Resorts, for receiving high honors at the 2024 Loyalty360 Awards based on campaigns conducted using the Marigold platform. Loyalty360, the association for customer loyalty, recognizes brands that drive customer loyalty and successfully navigate today’s complex and evolving landscape.

Great Clips tied for the highly coveted Platinum award in the Creative Campaign and Communications category, and Great Wolf Resorts received an Honorable Mention in Customer Loyalty Strategy. 

As finalists, both brands had the opportunity to share the details of their respective campaigns, including the learnings, successes and results with conference attendees, offering an in-depth perspective on how they leveraged relationship marketing to drive significant growth and long-term customer loyalty.

Great Clips

The Great Clips campaign was a unique collaboration that went from ideation to execution quickly. In February, the Kawasaki ad launched the new RIDGE side X side with a celebration of the iconic mullet haircut and Kawasaki wanted to see this iconic haircut sweep the nation the week leading up to the Big Game. Great Clips, as the world’s largest salon brand, was proud to partner with them to bring this to life.

The idea was to launch a landing page that offered free mullet haircuts to the first 15,000 people who submitted a contact form, promoted via social media posts mentioning the ad as motivation. Great Clips, using Marigold Grow, had the landing page and promotion functionality live in a matter of days to take advantage of the ad’s pre-game airing. Demand far surpassed expectations and Great Clips ran through its 15,000 coupons within the first several hours. To extend the life of the campaign, Marigold helped the company add on a $2-off offer coupon code to all who submitted after the free giveaway limit was reached.

Between the organic engagement and the earned media coverage about the offer, Great Clips converted a high percentage of incoming traffic to email messaging subscribers. This allowed the company to follow up with a more personalized approach to its email marketing and communication efforts after the campaign was over.

“What started as a great idea turned into an immediate, real-time campaign with a dedicated landing page using Marigold’s relationship marketing platform,” said Lisa Hake, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Great Clips. “Together, the teams worked closely to make it happen within a few days. Because of Marigold’s solution and support, we captured valuable real-time insights. And when demand exceeded expectations, we were able to keep the momentum going to ensure everyone could join the party. It’s been a big win for Great Clips and a testament to how quickly and easily it is to create highly personalized marketing campaigns and engaging interactive experiences with Marigold.”

Great Wolf Resorts

Great Wolf Resorts leveraged the Marigold Loyalty platform to introduce its first-ever loyalty program — the Voyagers Club. Rather than a traditional tiered loyalty program, Voyagers Club is designed so members earn 1 point for every $10 spent across the entire folio, and redeem as a 1:1 model – a differentiator within the industry. No elite tiers or charges for faster access.

Marigold helped bring the company’s vision to life in just a few months, and shortly after launch the company added additional benefits like bonus deals and friend referral rewards. In just 12 months, 1.7 million members joined the program, which helped drive double-digit percentage growth in the company’s repeat rate, with Voyager Club members accounting for nearly 40% of all bookings.

“The Voyagers Club program is a unique way to earn and use points to experience everything Great Wolf has to offer,” said Dave Van Saun, Vice President of CRM and Ancillary for Great Wolf Resorts. “It’s not just about earning points, but engaging with customers, learning who they are, and delivering tools that allow them to have the best experience possible. The implementation and growth of this program has helped our team make significant strides in customer acquisition and has served as a major contributor to increasing repeat rates.”

“We’d like to congratulate both Great Clips and Great Wolf Resorts for the well-deserved recognition their respective campaigns have received by not only the Loyalty360 Awards, but by their peers in the marketing space,” said Micki Howl, Chief Revenue Officer of Marigold. “It’s thanks to forward-looking, creative initiatives like these that relationship marketing is making an incredible impact for brands across all industries. We are proud to have played a small part in helping bring their visions to reality.”

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