April 20, 2023

MarigoldTMLaunches Marigold Experiences for Enterprise, Bringing Powerful Zero-Party Data and Personalization Capabilities to Selligent Customers

New Marigold Solution Makes it Easy for Selligent Customers to Collect and Activate Zero-Party Data and Preference Insights through Real-Time Interactive Experiences

BRUSSELS, Belgium and NASHVILLE, Tenn. — April 20, 2023 — Marigold, a global martech leader focused on delivering relationship marketing solutions that help marketers acquire, grow and retain customers, today launched Marigold Experiences for Enterprise to its Selligent customers. Designed to address the needs of global organizations, Marigold Experiences for Enterprise makes it easy for non-technical marketers to create engaging, interactive experiences that collect zero- and first-party data, preference insights and purchase intentions at speed and scale.

This latest innovation extends the powerful data capabilities of Selligent by Marigold, which offers an integrated set of products for creating, executing and measuring marketing campaigns across multiple channels, regions and languages. Making Marigold Experiences accessible directly from within the Selligent platform allows teams to quickly and easily collect the insights and permissions they need to activate personalized and permission-based marketing across the customer lifecycle. Powered by the industry’s leading zero-party data platform, Marigold Experiences for Enterprise helps Selligent customers turn unknown contacts into valued, long-term customers, faster.

Marigold Experiences for Enterprise offers an extensive, out-of-the-box template library, making it easy for teams to quickly create interactive, consumer-facing digital experiences such as polls and quizzes in exchange for customer preference data and purchase intent. Once captured, preference insights and purchase intent data can be rapidly actioned through Selligent Marketing Cloud to create data-driven campaigns with rich segmentation and personalization.

An impactful zero-party data strategy doesn’t stop at acquisition and profile enrichment. According to the recent 2023 Global Consumer Trends Index, nearly half of consumers around the globe are frustrated with irrelevant messaging, and one out of three are turned off by messaging based on information they didn’t share directly with the brand.

This is especially difficult in Europe, where marketers are challenged to comply with GDPR and related regulations while crafting messages that resonate with consumers. Striking this balance requires a trusted, GDPR-compliant solution that drives rich personalization and keeps data accurate, relevant and current.

“We understand the challenges faced by marketers, particularly across European businesses, in complying with GDPR and evolving marketing regulations. Marigold is committed to providing our clients with relationship marketing solutions and offerings that take a zero-party data approach and are backed by hands-on customer experience and industry expertise,” said Nick Watson, Vice President of Client Success, EMEA at Marigold. “Our aim is to ensure that marketers can collect all important PII and zero-party data with the necessary opt-in permissions. By activating that data with the powerful capabilities of Selligent Marketing Cloud, marketers can drive more engaging, personalized cross-channel marketing communications to help build long-lasting relationships, turning unknown consumers into loyal customers and ultimately grow customer lifetime value.”

Marigold Experiences for Enterprise is available now to Selligent customers and partners. Customers can also leverage Marigold’s strategic team of in-house experts or the company’s growing global partner network to build and execute the right strategy for their organization. To learn more about Marigold Experiences for Selligent, visit here.

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