Drive ROI and build brand equity by scaling your marketing strategy

Execute best-in-class relationship marketing strategies with a cross-channel marketing solution purpose-built for higher education, franchises, non-profits, and distributed businesses.

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"60% of our season ticket citizens have indicated they prefer email communication over any other method."

Lindsay Rutledge

Director, Consumer Strategy & Communications, Nashville Predators

"When we started using Emma, it brought a unified look to emails; it let us preserve our brand identity and make it clear emails were coming from the university."

Todd Nucci

Director of Marketing & Web/Digital Services, Oakland University

"Emma is the best solution for what we’re looking for — a great product and really great people to work with."

Scott Harrison

CEO, charity: water

"The approvals dashboard saves us so much time and makes it seamless to manage over 1,000 studio newsletters each month."

Meredith Parks

Marketing Strategist, Orangetheory Fitness

Cut through the noise

Leverage both email and SMS capabilities to meet your audience where they are by sending the right message, at the right time, through the most impactful channels.

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Easily create segments for every occasion

Make the most of your customer data by creating dynamic, real-time segments for subscribers based on the criteria you define.

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Integrate the apps you know and love

From GiveCampus to HubSpot to Salesforce and beyond, we have the integrations you need to eliminate silos and centralize your data.


Scale your brand with an intuitive team solution

Emma’s tiered account structure provides much needed visibility that makes it easy for brands to scale their operation across one, to one hundred, or even thousands of locations.

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Maintain control over your brand

Template controls and centralized asset management, along with a robust approval process, will help protect your brand’s identity and create more consistent experiences for your audience.

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Fully understand your audience

Our robust email analytics help you learn more about your audience and give you clear next steps so you get better results with every send. Our Mailing Score will help you gauge email performance and benchmark against previous campaigns, while our Click Map will show you precisely where recipients are clicking within your email.

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Leverage AI for copywriting

Circumvent writer’s block with our AI Writer tool that enables you to generate new copy, optimize existing copy for different audiences and transform large volumes of text into bite-sized blurbs for short-form content and CTAs

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University of Notre Dame Research uses Emma to help streamline communications internally and externally.

University of Notre Dame maintains a united brand message with tools like Emma. With Emma, different departments within the university can apply email marketing in their own ways, while still maintaining the power of the brand.

Our relationship marketing solutions help you cultivate the relationships that grow your business.