“Marigolds are companion plants that help other plants to grow and flourish.”

At Marigold, we are building a community where everyone can show up as their full, authentic selves and feel comfortable, supported, empowered, and engaged. Through our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, we connect with each other, build belonging, and prove everyday that diverse teams get better results. But it’s not just about our teams. By providing opportunities to amplify good through learning and service, we’re building a culture of caring where our employees are equipped to strengthen communities and change the world.


We pride ourselves on building connections that spark magic, for our customers, and for their customers. We also believe in the power of connections for our employees. We believe that by bringing people from all backgrounds and perspectives together, we build stronger connections and get better results.


Being a part of Marigold means being a part of something more. As a community of global products, we’re proud to deliver more resources and opportunities for our customers, while keeping our impact in mind. That consideration guides our decisions, actions, and the legacy we leave in our communities.

Social Impact

We want to provide our employees with opportunities to learn something new. We want to empower our teams to take action, to stand up for something you care about, or to make a change. We want to engage in real change, in our own teams and in the communities around us. We want to change the world, sure, but we’ll start by taking action in small ways in all the places where we live and work.

Planting deep roots

At Marigold, we believe in the power of our people. That's why we invest in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help shape culture, community, and connection.

Asians maintain a teachable atmosphere about the Asian community, both within and around Marigold.

BL@C maintains dialogue and an atmosphere to recognize the diversity of the Black experience in and outside of Marigold.

EwAN (Employees with Additional Needs) is a safe space for all employees, including those with disabilities, mental health, or family needs.

Latin@s celebrates heritage and discusses community challenges while giving back.

PRISM increases the visibility of LGBTQIA+ people to build a more equitable work culture and world.

WiT develops confidence and skills to combat the challenges facing women in tech.

YoPro (Young Professionals) creates an inclusive environment and network for young professionals, while connecting employees from all backgrounds.