Hot on the heels of its February 2024 release, KFC’s new loyalty program, KFC Rewards, has already surpassed one million members. 

“The number of fans that have been waiting for this product from KFC is unbelievable,” said Paul Tuscano, Chief Digital Officer at KFC.

A Look at the Program

KFC Rewards, powered by Marigold Loyalty, is an engaging, interactive program that’s exactly what you would expect from a fun, “uniquely pop-culture” brand, as Tuscano puts it. 

When making orders via their Rewards Account on or the KFC app, customers earn 10 points for every eligible dollar they spend, which can be redeemed for a variety of menu options in KFC’s Secret Recipe Vault. And to spice it up, KFC keeps these rewards in constant rotation. Rewards members also get access to personalized offers and additional point opportunities by completing “challenges,” like ordering specific menu items. It’s a fun way to weave in gamification – a tactic useful for driving repeat customer visits. 

Understanding the Rise of Loyalty Programs

  1. Consumer Demand
    For starters, consumers want loyalty programs. According to our latest research, 39% of consumers are increasing their loyalty program participation this year, while a mere 8% are reducing it (52% are keeping their participation constant). And the brands that can secure consumer loyalty are poised to win big, with roughly six in ten consumers citing that they’ll pay more to shop with the brands they’re loyal to.
  2. Efficiency
    Loyalty programs enable brands to incentivize certain behaviors. In KFC’s program, points are rewarded specifically for orders made on their website or mobile app. This encourages customers to order ahead of time, improving operational efficiency and reducing in-restaurant wait times.
  3. Personalization
    Loyalty programs provide brands with rich customer data, vital for personalization. As customers interact with a program – making purchases, selecting rewards, and the like, they reveal their unique preferences and patterns. Savvy brands like KFC can then use these insights to deliver the offers customers actually want.

“This is where tools like Marigold come into play,” notes Tuscano. “Once you know who your customers are, you can start identifying what they value.”

About Marigold

Marigold is a global martech leader with a clear goal: to help brands find their people, really get to know them, and make them superfans via relevant, personalized experiences. 

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