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Marigold is your ticket to showing customers that you get them. Our industry experts and products empower you with zero-party data to engage customers and deliver personalized customer journeys that inspire lifelong relationships.

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"Email is an essential marketing and engagement channel for us. It allows us to deliver crucial value on both sides of the marketplace."

Anna Mandelbaum

Marketing Coordinator, Resy

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Connecting With Travelers Every Step of the Way

Marigold enables travel marketers to effortlessly create automated, personalized experiences for those on the go.


Send Emails They Won’t Leave Home Without Easily create beautiful emails that inspire visitors and land on vision boards. Your emails will be optimized for mobile every time, plus your entire team can work efficiently in one solution to save time and increase bookings.

Personalization Is a Requirement Personalize your traveler’s experience — at great speed and scale — by recommending the right destination, triggering confirmations, sending change notifications, and rewarding their loyalty to bring them back.

Automation Made Easy Put your customer data into play, automate personalized and timely emails, and reap the rewards. Create set-it-and-forget-it customer journeys that trigger after a hotel is booked, purchase is made, or a guest becomes a VIP.

Align Marketing With Sales and Booking Programs Connectors and customizable integrations ensure seamless integration with your sales, booking, and tech stacks, allowing real-time data to flow in and personalized marketing messaging to flow out.

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