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Now non-profit organizations like yours can get email and SMS campaigns up and running in no time. Our mission is to help you fulfill yours. With Marigold’s user-friendly cross-channel marketing tools and out-of-the-box integrations, it’s never been easier to tell your story, reach more donors, and raise more money.

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"Email marketing is our primary channel for engaging with our subscribers, sharing stories from the field, and connecting them to their impact."

Stephania Quiroz

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, charity: water

"I love the simplicity of the email builder. We have a lot of communications going out, and a small team."

Arabella Gilby

Digital Communications Coordinator, parkrun

"It’s so nice to work with a company that really understands non-profit organizations. Emma helps us in so many ways."

Liz Stephenson

Web Producer, YMCA of the Triangle

Marigold Solutions for Non-Profits

Rally the Team With Organized Outreach

Non-profit email marketing by Marigold is the most cost-effective way to maximize contributions, connect donors to impact, re-engage lapsed donors, and increase event attendance.


Engaging Through Email Power your ongoing and emergency fundraising efforts quickly and seamlessly with easy-to-use email marketing that personally connects with donors when you need them most.

Approach Each Send With Insight and Strategy Draw clear connections between your communications and donor donations with the insights dashboard. See what’s resonating with supporters and adjust your strategy to improve results.

Doing More With Less Smaller teams and budgets call for efficient solutions that help raise funds while saving time. Our straightforward, no-code interface makes it easy for non-technical users to create and deploy classy communications in no time.

Connect With Your Donor Base Seamless integration with several donor databases, CRM, fundraising, and event platforms means you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips to send personalized email campaigns that drive donations, quickly and easily.

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