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Marigold’s 2024 Global Consumer Trends Index

Marigold's 2024 Global Consumer Trends Index is available now. Discover the latest consumer insights into marketing channels, messaging engagement, brand loyalty, data privacy and more.


Build Customer Relationships That Really Matter

Marigold's Relationship Marketing solutions – Marigold Engage, Marigold Loyalty, Marigold Grow, and Marigold LiveContent – are designed to help you acquire new customers through multiple channels, grow your existing customers with offers curated just for them, and turn your customers into loyal advocates.

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Relationship Marketer’s Guide to Generative AI

Looking to make the most of generative AI for your relationship marketing initiatives? Explore ideas, prompt engineering best practices and more in Marigold's AI-focused guide.


Make people feel seen, not sold to

Don’t just send, deliver. Great marketing isn’t just about conversion, but real connection. With deep expertise in key industries, Marigold helps marketers create unique and highly personalized experiences that make people feel seen, not sold to.

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What is Relationship Marketing?

It’s about creating loyal customers by understanding who they are and communicating with – not at – them. Marigold’s relationship marketing solutions do this by helping brands find, get to know and ultimately grow their audiences at every stage in the customer lifecycle.


Find your people

No matter what business you’re in – or how you generate revenue – you need to engage unknown contacts and turn them into known subscribers. Relationship marketing allows you to easily acquire new contacts and continuously enrich customer data by capturing and refining their interests, behaviors, purchase history, and more.


Get to know them

Once you’ve turned unknowns into contacts, it’s time to start engaging them across your marketing channels and turn them into loyal, repeat customers. Utilize rich customer data to create and deliver the right messages and experiences at the right time about the products, services, and content they care about.


Make them superfans

Strengthen customer relationships by offering robust loyalty programs that go beyond traditional point systems and make customers feel seen and valued. 67% of consumers will buy from the same brand repeatedly – but don’t consider themselves loyal to the brand. Create memorable experiences that build a base of brand advocates, increase revenue, reduce churn.


"Campaign Monitor helped transform us from a small idea to a real company thanks to their user friendly tools — I honestly could not recommend them enough."

Ellen Hyslop

Co-Founder, The GIST

"Liveclicker has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals—and increase revenue. Our executive team has been in awe at Liveclicker’s ability to consistently exceed our sales and engagement goals."

Barbara Puszkiewicz-Cimino

Senior CRM Manager North America, LEGOLAND

"We view Liveclicker not as a technology or service but as a strategic partner, and our account manager is like an extension of our team. We appreciate Liveclicker’s eagerness to collaborate and bring fresh ideas to the table-it’s a big differentiator."

Ana Warner

Senior Manager, CRM & Email, Busch Gardens

"Part of our mandate to relaunch our loyalty programme was to find the right strategic partner who would walk the journey with us to deliver a world class experience for our customers. 2 years on, Marigold continues to tick that box for us."

Ros Netto

Head of Loyalty, Kauai

"The Marigold Loyalty team has provided invaluable assistance with both strategy and implementation. New surveys and rewards can be created and published in minutes with no additional development work from our IT team."

Erin Corrigan

Director of Digital Marketing, Donatos Pizza

"The ease-of-use, particularly the email builder, has been extremely helpful. Making changes is a quick, easy, and stress-free experience."

Matt Millard

Head of Communications, TGI Golf

"I can send one campaign, and have the content in each email adapt to what we know about the subscriber."

Amy Mulder

Communications Coordinator, Multiple Sclerosis Limited

"We use Campaign Monitor to drive conversion and engagement, converting prospects into customers in less than 3 weeks."

Karim Mouahbi

Head of Marketing, Mad Paws

2024 Global Consumer Trends Index

Discover the latest consumer insights into marketing channels, messaging engagement, brand loyalty, data privacy and more. Download the report.


Come and grow

Marigolds are companion plants that help spur the growth of whatever they are near. Join us and see how a career at Marigold is the perfect place to lay down roots and truly take off.

Our relationship marketing solutions help you cultivate the relationships that grow your business.