We’re pleased to announce that Cheetah Digital is now Marigold Engage+.

Create highly-personalized marketing campaigns

Go beyond one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns designed for the masses and deliver highly-personalized, engaging campaigns tailored to customer interests. From accelerating acquisition with zero-party data to deepening engagement to building lifetime loyalty, Marigold Engage+ offers the technology, services, and support across the full customer lifecycle. Together, we will help you drive engagement, deepen brand loyalty, increase revenue streams, and meet your audience in the moments that matter.

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"We went through a rigorous vendor scoring process, looking at key things like user interface. We also looked at reporting and personalization. Marigold gives us all of those capabilities."

Gayle Gunning

Director of CRM, Smartbox Group

"We couldn’t A/B test with the platform we were using before. So we’re really happy that it’s just so easy with the Marigold team to put things in place."

Ioanna Meli

Online Marketing Manager, Hiscox

Grow your audience

Engage consumers through interactive experiences such as surveys, polls, giveaways, and games that ask for and directly receive zero-party data from the customer. Our strategic services team can help you build trust and deliver value while gaining the data needed to personalize and turn relationships into revenue.


Deliver intelligent cross-channel messaging

Meet customers in the right moment and channel by sending relevant, contextual communications across email, mobile, social, and beyond. Work with our strategic services team to deliver highly-personalized messages that convert.


Personalize content and offers

Design and deploy agile real-time customer journeys with value-added offers that help you identify, engage, and retain your best customers. Leverage our strategic services team to created targeted, engaging campaigns and offers for your segments.


Cultivate loyalty

Turn happy customers into vocal advocates with enterprise loyalty management designed to create emotionally engaging interactions that drive visit recency, frequency, and spend. Our strategic services team will help you understand the psychology of influence and loyalty to help you build loyalty programs customers will love.


The State of Brand Loyalty in the U.S.

Get exclusive data from over 1,500 U.S. consumers, on what they expect from loyalty programs, the cost of getting loyalty wrong, why they have switched to a competitor, and how they can be won back.

Let us help cultivate the relationships that grow your business.