Before a customer decides to take a specific action, they are met with your brand. The colors, the style, the tone of voice, and the messaging. Brand identity is what customers remember as it is one of the major keys to differentiating yourself from the competition. But what happens when a customer finds inconsistencies throughout the brand? And is there a clearly defined process for creating/adhering/updating brand guidelines?

At Emma by Marigold, we understand the importance of maintaining control over your branding. It is the key to differentiating yourself from the competition and the culmination of consistent actions and behaviors — which helps you to ultimately build trust and loyalty with your customers.

The goal isn’t to be a dictator over your brand, who is unwilling to share control. It’s more about giving your business the space to grow without losing the heart behind it. And because there aren’t many tools out there helping multi-location/multi-department level companies manage their email marketing and branding across multiple locations, we decided to create one—Brand Manager.

Our new Brand Manager makes it easier for marketers at the parent/corporate level to set branding guidelines so that their sub-accounts (i.e. individual franchise locations, departments, etc.) are required to follow those guidelines when creating campaigns.

The problem: One brand, many locations.

One thing we noticed when working with businesses with multiple locations was that it can be really difficult to keep branding consistent and updated across many users and accounts. For example, franchises may update their approved brand fonts, but to ensure that every individual location remains on brand, they’d have to manually send the proper assets to each email sender, as well as ensure they update it in all of their email templates.

This process can become very time-consuming and increase the risk of brand inconsistency.

The solution: Brand Manager helps maximize brand control and consistency across all of your locations. 

Enter Emma by Marigold’s Brand Manager: our built-in, user-friendly control center that allows marketers at the corporate level to add and/or select fonts, text styles*, and colors* and display them as the only elements that the rest of your company/organization can use when creating new email templates. 

From there, each subaccount can customize their emails with their own content and location-specific information while remaining within corporate brand standards.

What’s unique about Brand Manager 

Over time, old fonts, incorrect colors, and outdated messaging can cause brand and audience confusion. It’s an identity crisis that reverses all of your hard work on a brand refresh. 

Brand Manager solves this problem without adding more to your workload. If you’re a top-level account user, you can set branding elements (such as colors*, fonts, and text styles*) to eliminate confusion and say goodbye to worrying about whether or not your franchisees or subaccount managers are using the most updated assets. And if you’re a subaccount user, the search for the latest approved and on-brand images, colors*, text styles*, and fonts is over because they’ll always be right there waiting for you in the template builder.

Brand Manager cuts down on communication errors between departments and locations so you can get back to what you do best.

Wrap up

Finding brand inconsistencies can potentially alter a customer’s experience — which can alter the perception of your brand. Adding Emma by Marigold to your tech stack means you can focus less on the logistics of sending a message and more on creating a lasting relationship with your customers. See how Emma by Marigold can work for you by requesting a live demo.


*Note: Text styles and colors are only available to customers on the Teams and Corporate plans. Fonts are available for customers on the Essentials, Teams, and Corporate plans.