Multi-Channel Marketing

Sending a campaign and hoping it resonates isn’t the best use of your time. Meet your customers on the channel they prefer with personalized messaging across email, SMS, MMS, push notifications, social, and mobile wallet. Marigold’s multi-channel marketing capabilities allow you to automate, scale, and send super relevant messages to your customers where they are.

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Targeted messaging inspires action

Our research shows 86% of consumers say that their favorite brand provides a consistent experience, regardless of the channel. But it goes beyond that. Highly personalized and targeted messages create urgency, inspire action, and result in increased engagement, conversions, and revenue.


of consumers have purchased from an email in 2022.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers have purchased from a social media post in 2022.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers have purchased from SMS text in 2022.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index

Scalable cross-channel messaging 

Combine customer preferences, behavior insights, segmentation, campaign performance, and other critical data points to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Personalized product and content recommendations, back-in-stock inventory alerts, location-based notifications, package tracking, and dozens of other unique messages can be created, delivered and scaled across the customer journey.

Combine SMS and email for powerful results

Inboxes are crowded. Notifications are non-stop. A whopping 95% of text messages are read and responded to within three minutes of receipt. Combining SMS with email is the perfect way to make sure your messages stand out and your conversions skyrocket. 

Leverage AI recommendations and preference data to send campaigns

You have a lot of customer data points – it’s time to take advantage of it.  With our AI features, you’ll gain access to helpful insights and useful machine learning suggestions to help you deliver better human interactions, rather than a black-box AI bot trained for generic goals. Using advanced AI capabilities as a guide, you can create a marketing campaign strategy and customer journey maps that combine the right offers with the right messages to the right customers. 

Send campaigns that resonate

Personalization shows your customers you know them. With Marigold, you can send individualized messages based on predicted open time, promote offers based on previous engagement, and recommend content and products based on expressed interests, and send alerts based on loyalty status, sales activity, and more. 

Collect customer data and opt-ins through the value exchange

Two-thirds of consumers want discounts from a loyalty program, nearly a third of consumers want exclusive or early access to products from a loyalty program, and 19% of consumers want sweepstakes and contests. Offering a value exchange in return for your customers email and mobile number is a great way to start – discounts, early and exclusive access to new products and services, and VIP experiences are all opportunities that consumers are actively seeking in their purchasing behavior.

Our relationship marketing solutions help you cultivate the relationships that grow your business.