Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing isn’t about conversion, but connection. It’s when things just click. When you get an email that gets you, or a text that’s perfectly timed. Experiences that provide real value to people are the ones that lead to real growth. But in order to connect with your people, you have to understand them first.

People love brands that get to know them.

Relationship marketing is all about striking a balance between getting to know your people on a personal level without using creepy marketing tactics to target them with things you think they'll like.


of consumers say their favorite brand strives to develop a relationship with them.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers value brands that treat them as an individual.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index


of consumers are willing to pay more to shop with brands they're loyal to.

Marigold 2023 Consumer Trends Index

How Relationship Marketing Works

Relationship Marketing is rooted in cultivating long-lasting customer relationships by developing an ongoing understanding of each customer, activating insights, and delivering personalized experiences in the moments that matter.

Find your people

No matter what business you’re in, or how you generate revenue, you are tasked with turning visitors into customers. Marigold helps you launch forms and interactive experiences. This allows you to analyze consumer interests and build segments and personalized offers based on what you know they like.

Get to know them

Once you’ve turned unknowns into contacts, it’s time to start engaging them across your marketing channels and turn them into loyal, repeat customers. Interactive experiences, like surveys, polls, questionnaires, instant wins, product pickers and spot the differences, encourage subscribers and customers to share information about themselves and what interests them. It’s called the value exchange. From there, you can take information gleaned and create highly personalized and dynamic content recommendations, product recommendations, coupon codes, and promotions.

Make them superfans

More than two-thirds of consumers say the loyalty programs of their favorite brands are critically important to winning their lasting loyalty — only 7% of consumers think they are not important. Brands on a mission to create superfans deliver highly personalized loyalty programs that recognize and reward customer behaviors, build lasting relationships, and increase visit frequency and spend. Loyalty programs help you grow your relationships, grow your revenue, and ultimately grow your business.

Our relationship marketing solutions help you cultivate the relationships that grow your business.