Transform your email marketing with innovative ways to engage

We’ll help you amplify engagement, get more clicks, and increase loyalty, by making your emails more interactive, personalized, and timely, so your customers are moved to action at every moment of engagement.

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"With such dynamic capabilities and the ease of use from setup to execution - Liveclicker's benefits quickly outweighed the cost."

Bryan Persad

Director of Email, BrandsMart U.S.A

"Liveclicker has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals—and increase revenue. Our executive team has been in awe at Liveclicker’s ability to consistently exceed our sales and engagement goals."

Barbara Puszkiewicz-Cimino

Senior CRM Manager North America, LEGOLAND

"We view Liveclicker not as a technology or service but as a strategic partner, and our account manager is like an extension of our team. We appreciate Liveclicker’s eagerness to collaborate and bring fresh ideas to the table-it’s a big differentiator."

Ana Warner

Senior Manager, CRM & Email, Busch Gardens

Boost engagement and reduce churn

Build engagement with interactive, fun elements that inspire recipients to open and click. Product recommendations, breaking news, and package tracking — updated at the moment of open, ensuring that messaging is always timely and completely relevant.


Get more from every order

Boost average order value (AOV) and drive urgency by promoting products based on inventory level.


The State of Brand Loyalty in the U.S.

Get exclusive data from over 1,500 U.S. consumers, on what they expect from loyalty programs, the cost of getting loyalty wrong, why they have switched to a competitor, and how they can be won back.

Let us help cultivate the relationships that grow your business.