Dynamic Content

Science tells us urgency influences action. The fear of missing out is real. Marketers who understand how to leverage the psychology behind what motivates people to take action are the ones making deeper connections and realizing real growth. Dynamic content transforms your marketing campaigns from static, generic promotions into personalized, time-sensitive campaigns that captivate and inspire.

The fear of missing out

People hate missing out on discounts, exclusive offers, and opportunities – so use this to your advantage. Our customers who combined dynamic content offers that expire, and copy that motivates action, have seen some jaw-dropping results.


increase in revenue was realized when Rover began sending dynamic, personalized hero images featuring the dog breeds of the owners in their email campaigns.

Marigold Case Study, Rover


increase in revenue was achieved when NASCAR turned a basic birthday discount campaign into “peel-to-reveal” mystery offer.

Marigold Case Study, NASCAR


increase in orders placed from email marketing was achieved when FitKit UK embedded interactive polls within emails campaigns and gathered powerful insights that translated to big impact.

Marigold Case Study, FitKit

Elevate your engagement

Don't miss out on dynamic content. Delivering live, interactive, and personalized content within your marketing emails, messages, and webpages can be a real show-stopper. A staggering 72% of consumers favor a brand’s messaging that surprises them with rewards they don’t expect. Are you ready to surprise and delight customers?

Dynamic, real-time content

When we say real-time content, we mean it. Marigold’s Liveclicker blocks allow marketers to insert dynamic content into marketing campaigns. Rather than the static image or text we’ve grown to love, dynamic content blocks are updated the moment the email is opened for maximum relevance. Think about all of the amazing was you can use time-sensitive triggers like countdown clocks, peel-to-reveal images, personalized hero images, and coupon codes with expiration dates to convert browsers into shoppers.



Make your campaigns super relevant

Imagine having an easy way to create personal touches with customers regardless of budget, time, and bandwidth. Dynamic content solves personalization challenges many marketers face by enabling you to easily recommend products, send breaking news, and deliver real-time package tracking to customers. Brands leveraging dynamic content see 3x the engagement, conversions, and revenue generated versus their generic campaign performance. 

Rich media cross-channel personalization

You don’t need a developer to build media-rich email and digital campaigns. Marigold Liveclicker offers a variety of content blocks – including embedded videos that play within emails, countdown clocks that update in real-time, product pickers that allow you to collect zero-party data, click-to-reveal images that entice readers to engage, custom coupon codes and discounts that expire, email images that can be personalized by graphic and copy, and more. 

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