Great Clips is doing its part in the Mullet Revival

15,000. That’s the number of people in the U.S. and Canada who received a coupon code for a free mullet haircut, courtesy of Great Clips.

It all started when another brand – Kawasaki – showcased its new off-road vehicle, the Ridge, in a recent Super Bowl commercial. In the commercial, anyone within the vicinity of the vehicle – humans, eagles, bears, turtles and dogs alike – instantly grew a mullet. The commercial was a hit on YouTube, generating over 800K views in its first two weeks. 


Make consumers feel something, and you put yourself in an advantageous position.

Perfectly primed to deliver mullets to anyone looking to revive the trend, salon chain Great Clips teamed up with Kawasaki to continue the campaign’s momentum. Leveraging Marigold’s data enrichment solution, Marigold Grow, Great Clips launched a promotion giving away 15,000 free mullet haircuts, dubbed “business in the front, party in the back.” Prospects simply needed to visit the link, provide their email address, and choose whether to opt into marketing emails. 

The promotion was an immediate success, with all 15,000 unique codes delivered within the first seven hours of launch. But what savvy marketer would want to miss out on additional form fills just because a cap was reached? Rather than end it there, the Great Clips x Kawasaki promotion page lived on, offering a $2-off coupon code as a happy medium to the waves of new visitors who missed out on the initial deal. 

Be it fun, quirky, comical or unique, it pays to be creative with your marketing strategy. Make consumers feel something, and you put yourself in an advantageous position. Whether you have the winning ideas already and just need a way to action them, or need A-Z strategic support, Marigold can turn your marketing vision into a reality. Let’s talk!