June 29, 2022

Sailthru Releases New Cross-Channel Capabilities

Marketers Can Increase Revenue from Long-Term Customer Relationships Through Expanded Channel Orchestration, Enhanced Automation and Time-Saving Workflows

Sailthru, a CM Group brand and the leading personalized marketing automation technology provider for retailers and publishers, released an updated Lifecycle Optimizer experience. As retail and media marketers are increasingly challenged to manage expanding channels, Sailthru’s cross-channel relationship management product, Lifecycle Optimizer, is designed to make it easier than ever for marketers to quickly build, test and deploy effective cross-channel campaigns.

“As more marketers focus strategy on holistic relationship marketing, they need seamless cross-channel capabilities that allow them to create a more personalized and more meaningful experience,” said Allison Stone, VP of Product at Sailthru. “We’re excited to continuously bring new enhancements to our Lifecycle Optimizer experience, always understanding what marketers need to deliver effective, personalized marketing across the channels that matter most for their customers.”

Lifecycle Optimizer has always offered one-to-one personalized messaging automation and advanced A/B testing capabilities to create highly effective campaigns. Sailthru’s new Lifecycle Optimizer experience now includes:

  • Audience Entry: Lifecycle Optimizer delivers enhanced capabilities that now allows marketers to build multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns – not just triggered journeys –, including powerful retargeting, which can help drive revenue generation and attribution
  • Enhanced Scheduling: With additional automation, enhanced scheduling allows marketers to set up a workflow with a future activation time and move on to their next priority with the confidence that the workflow will activate at the right time to the right audiences, saving them valuable time
  • SMS and Mobile App Messaging in Lifecycle Optimizer: Pairing Sailthru’s new native SMS offering and mobile app messaging with the power of a journey builder, marketers can reach their audience where they are most likely to engage

This summer, in addition to the newly released features above, Lifecycle Optimizer will include even more enhancements. As publishing and retail organizations continue to consolidate into multi-brand enterprises, Sailthru will release the ability to copy multi-channel journeys and reuse portions of journeys with a single click, ensuring time-strapped marketers can easily and efficiently create or scale campaigns to fit their evolving needs. Additionally, marketers will soon have the ability to create dynamic segments, meaning a completely different experience can be offered for each audience automatically across all triggers, as part of Lifecycle Optimizer’s smart lists feature. By incorporating this into an automated journey, marketers will also be able to review their custom segments on a daily or weekly set schedule.

“With these added capabilities, Sailthru has made it easier than ever for enterprise marketers to create highly personalized campaigns and to do so with maximum efficiency. For media and publishers, it’s critical to have a solution that allows marketers to build, test and scale with ease. This becomes increasingly important as more media organizations merge and there is opportunity to leverage existing learnings and successes cross-account and cross-channel,” said Allison Mezzafonte, Media Industry Advisor to Sailthru. “These new features empower marketers to do more with their time, while increasing engagement and impact.”

About Sailthru
Sailthru, a CM Group brand, helps modern marketers drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn by using its powerful suite of cross-channel, connected capabilities. Sailthru’s high-performance email, SMS capabilities, website personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations power new customer acquisition by leveraging machine learning and first-party data to easily deliver relevant, personalized engagement across all channels. The world’s most innovative publishers, including Morning Brew, Condé Nast, Insider, and Hearst, and the world’s fastest growing ecommerce companies, including NASCAR, Everlane, and MZ Wallace trust Sailthru to help them succeed. For more information, please visit www.sailthru.com.

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